In connection with the rehabilitation and new construction, we work together with a highly professional team. This gives us creative and exciting solutions and ensures that everything is built according to current regulations. We have several architects that can be used, not to mention civil engineers, structural engineers, inspectors and contractors. To follow up the projects and also ensure dialogue with the relevant authorities, we have a superb manager. In addition, we follow up the projects ourselves, with frequent visits and dialogue underway.
We also offer an extensive after sales service most of the practical tasks are taken care of. In order to facilitate this we have a group of talented and friendly professionals who can help you if desired. Many owners wants a poolman who takes care of the pool, and a gardener who makes sure the garden gets the care it needs. The gardener can also help with the planning of the garden before this is finished. Everything related to maintaining the house can be done by the contractor who built it.

We can also assist with expertise in accounting, taxation, payment of bills, etc. Whether there is a need for an auditor or accountant – or just some good advice!

We have learned what it takes to get “the good life” in Spain, and we will do our best to make you experience the same!

Our vision is to create wonderful holiday homes for the whole family.